The Carolina Queens | 10 Of The Biggest Parties Around The World
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10 Of The Biggest Parties Around The World

10 Of The Biggest Parties Around The World

Matt Kepnes wrote a cool article listing some of the biggest parties around the world. While my party til I puke days are a bit behind me, I found some of these to be pretty interesting. I actually had only heard of 2 of the parties, which surprised me. I thought I knew most of the BIG ones out there.

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These are listed in no particular order:

La Tomatina

Going strong since 1945, this food fight to end all food fights is in the tiny town of Buñol in the Valencia region of Spain. Want to go get hammered with tomatoes? Then head over the last Wednesday in August and make sure to take some goggles and some throw away clothes. There’s not enough triple action Shout in the world to get all those stains out!

Full Moon Party

What started out as a hippy party in the 80’s is now a 20,000 strong party every full moon. This all day and all night event is located in Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand. Make sure to take your throw away clothes, including shoes – God knows what’s going to end up on them!

Burning Man

I have to admit, this party looks more like a scene out of Mad Max than an all out party, but hey, it draws 47,000 people so it qualifies as BIG. This is an 8 day festival that culminates in the burning of a 72ft wooden man. Each year has a theme (this year, it’s “American Dream”) The cool thing about this party is you don’t bring money. Everything is bartered. You only buy water and ice. Bring your essential camping gear and lots of sunblock – and of course some goods to barter with!


According to Matt, “Songkran is the Thai New Year. It’s a spiritual festival designed to cool you down and wash away the sins of the previous year. What better way of doing that than by committing a few new ones, right away? Songkran takes place all over the country with everyone embarking on possibly the world’s largest water fight.” – So bring your water gun, something you don’t mind getting soaked and a good attitude. This may not be the place to go if you get grumpy once you start drinking! 😉

Glastonbury Music Festival

Last year’s event had over 177,000 people and 700 musical acts. Now THAT’S a party! This festival spans 3 days, so bring your tent and whatever you need to survive that many people and that much fun!


This is India’s version of Songkran. Instead of getting soaked with water, you get colored flour dumped on you AND soaked with water. Best make sure you have some throwaway clothes, (these parties all seem to have a recurring theme of “throwaway clothes…)

Bay to Breakers

The third Sunday in May, you can head to San Francisco for the Bay To Breakers. This was originally a 7 mile foot race, but now it’s 7 miles of costumes and kegs. What more could you want?

Australia Day

Apparantly, Australians love two things: beer and bbqs. No day brings out the best in these two than Australia Day, when Aussies celebrate the first European settlement on the continent of Australia. Celebrated January 26th, just show up with some Australian beer and something to throw on the barbie anywhere in Australia and you’re ready to party!

Queen’s Day

Throw on something orange and celebrate the birth of Queen Beatrix. This party held April 30th, (it’s too cold to celebrate her actual birthday in January), features the ever important beer and music. The canals are filled with Dutch as the celebrate and let loose!

Calgary Stampede

Here’s a 10 day rodeo that attracts millions of visitors during it’s course. You need a healthy respect for country music, but in return you’ll have plenty of girl (or boy) watching and of course, lots of drinking and parties. Oh yeah, there’s a huge rodeo, too!

Of course, there are many other parties out there where you can get your groove on, paint yourself any color you like and wake up in the bushes of the wrong hotel – but check these out.

So what are my travel tips for these parties? Mainly, make sure you wake up in the bushes of your own hotel. Be security conscious when it comes to your wallet and passport. I’ll be publishing some safety tips soon to help you out. Aside from that, take plenty of throw away clothes. This is a great time to empty out your closet of stuff you’ve been meaning to trash and never got around to.

Do you know some big parties that didn’t make the list (I can think of a few…) – let me know in the comments!

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