The Carolina Queens | Things everyone should know before visiting the US
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Things everyone should know before visiting the US

Things everyone should know before visiting the US

    1. USA is one of the largest countries in the world. Precisely, it is the third largest, after Russia and Canada and is about 3.8 million square miles in size. The country’s population is diverse, as it has immigrants from all around the world, some as refugees, some looking for work and some as people whose ancestors have settled in the country. The climate in the country is diverse too. It might be really hot in one state and snowing in a different state.
    2. The Americans measure things on a different scale. They use Fahrenheit to measure the temperature, weigh things in pounds, measure distance in miles, measure liquid in pints and gallons.
    3. Politics is a sensitive topic among the citizens of America, especially since the Civil War. The country has a range of people who are leftist, centrist and rightist. Talking about politics these days has become very fragile and any discussion usually ends up in yelling, cursing and buzz phrases.
    4. Each state has he liberty to make its own laws. Hence, laws are different around America. Basic things like speed limits, legal drinking age, street signs differ from one state to another. When visit, look up the state laws or ask a local about the area.chicago-skyline
    5. Be fluent in English- One finds it very hardly to survive in America if he/she does not know how to speak English. You need English to make things happen or get something in this country as there are very few Americans who are bilingual or speak another language. Basic things like hailing a cab, ordering in a restaurant or asking for directions should be learned at the least for a peaceful stay.
    6. Tip always. When you go out in a limo hire, or go for a meal, do not forget to tip the chauffeur service or the waiter. Tips are not included in the bill and hence the people who are at service to you expect you to leave them a little tip. It is considered highly rude by the employees if the customer does not leave a tip behind.
    7. Explore nature- America is more than the high-rise buildings and the concrete jungles. It is a country filled with beautiful scenic nature views, forests, water falls, gorge, beaches, and another ton of natural beauty. Explore the National Parks in the country and do not forget to pay a visit to the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone for the best marvels of nature.

8.Security at the airport is a big deal as there is a major concern about terrorism in the country. The airport security conduct a thorough screening upon the arrival of foreigners and some are even taken for a second  round of screening. Do not panic in situations like these.

9. Make sure you have travel insurance and you visit your local doctor to get any vaccination you may need before travelling.

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